Parramatta store opening 7 days

Level 2, Westfield, Parramatta

Online order will be back soon. Delivery service & Pick up at Pyrmont store is stopped until further notice. We will try them back as soon as possible, thank you for your patience. Hope to see you soon. Thank you :)

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Ice Packaging


- 6 and 7 inch cake : need 2 ice packaging to be purchased ($6) - No need ice packaging when home delivered

- If you receive your dessert at home(DELIVERED - NO NEED ice packaging, unless you want to take it outside)

- $3 per 2 box of Chosim macaron set. If you purchase 3 boxes of Chosim macaron sets n want them to be ice packed, it requires to purchase every 2 Chosim Macaron sets = 1 ice packaging / 3 macaron sets need 2 ice packaging)

- $3 per 2 Chosim macaron sets - every 2 sets need 1 more ice packaging

- $3 per up to 12 Dacquoise : if you purchase more than 12 Dacquoise, you will need to purchase additional ice-packging

- Ice packaging is ok up to half a day - Refridgerated before consume 

- Recommended ice-packaging (Staying outside for more than 30mins)

- Ice pack is re-useable

Ice Packaging