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Level 2, Westfield, Parramatta

Online order will be back soon. Delivery service & Pick up at Pyrmont store is stopped until further notice. We will try them back as soon as possible, thank you for your patience. Hope to see you soon. Thank you :)

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Strawberry cake 7"


Fresh strawberry cake (Génoise sponge cake) - lots of strawberries inside to enjoy :)

-Serving size : Approx. 5~6 people

- Store : Keep refrigerated up to 2 days, fresh fruits will get dry as time goes by

Order : 3 days in advance

Lettering on cake board : Required to purchase 'Lettering $1' from the menu with your order and leave message on customer's note (up to 20 letters)

If letters are too long, 'Birthday' could be written as 'Bday', 'You' could be written 'u'

**Decoration ribbon cannot be chosen, it can be changed without notice

**1 Candle is provided

**Pick up date and time can be changed only when you notice us 3 days in advance

Strawberry cake 7"