Cafe in Redfern : 137-141 Regent street, Redfern

Parramatta opening 7 days : Level 2, Westfield, Parramatta


■ORDER NEEDS TO BE MADE 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE (Urgent order, DM on Instagram)

■Any other inquiries DM on Instagram @hanlip_dessert or email us by contact us

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  • How to store Macaron and Dacquoise

    - To have the best texture and taste; keep in a sealed container or in a zipper bag and put it in the freezer. (Strongly recommended)

    - The best time to eat when it’s chilled. (Recommandation)

    - Macaron : defrost approx. 5~10mins prior to eat.

    - Dacquoise : defrost approx. 5~20mins (If you like the texture like an icecream, you can try it 3~5mins direct from the freezer. Just care with your teeth)

    - If it is melted a bit (too soft) put it in the fridge or freezer again cream to be hardened(If it is melted too much, not recommend to consume)

  • How long they can be store and best before

    - As long as you keep it sealed frozen best before up to 2 weeks.

    - Sealing is important, otherwise Macaron and Dacquoise will absorb any smelly food in the fridge or freezer.