Parramatta store opening 7 days (Close on New Year's day)

Level 2, Westfield, Parramatta

■Order needs to be made 3 days in advance. ■Walk in purchase available ■Opens 7 days : 10am - 6pm(Thurs ~9pm)

■Pyrmont pick up is available for whole cakes Only ■Any inquiries DM on Instagram @hanlip_dessert or email us, Thank you

♡♡Happy New Year 2022♡♡

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Black Sesame Cake 6"


- Black sesame cake (Génoise sponge cake)

- Inside : Chestnuts, mochi and redbean

***Recommend to store in the fridge for 30mins before consume

***Ice packaing option available at $9 : This includes a re-useable Ice-bag(from Kmart $6) + 2 small ice packs also re-useable : Ice packaging will allow you up to 4~6 hours

- Serving size : Approx. 5~6 people (6 inch)

- Store and consume : Keep refrigerated up to 2 days

- Order : 3 days in advance

- Lettering is NOT AVAILABLE

- 1 Candle and a cutting knife are provided

- Pick up date and time can be changed only when you notice us 3 days in advance





Black Sesame Cake 6"