Parramatta store opening 7 days

Level 2, Westfield, Parramatta

■Pre-order for Cakes, Mochi roll, Tart, Drink are available now. ■Order needs to be made 3 days in advance. ■Other desserts can be purchased in-store. ■Opens 7 days : 10am - 6pm(Thurs ~9pm) ■Pyrmont pick up is available for whole cake Only >> Email us or DM on Instagram @hanlip_dessert for any inquiries. Thank you

♡♡Christmas cakes are available from 14th Dec. Macarons are coming at the weekend♡♡

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Mango cake 6"


Fresh Mango and fresh mango cream cake (Génoise sponge cake)

6" Serving size : Approx. 4~5 people

Store : Keep refrigerated up to 2 days, fresh fruits will get dry as time goes by

Order : 3 days in advance

Lettering on cake board only : Required to purchase 'Lettering $1' from the menu with your order and leave message on customer's note (Up to 15 letters / 10 letters in Korean 한글)

If letters are too long, 'Birthday' could be written as 'Bday', 'You' could be written 'u' without notice due to short of space, you will need to give us a short sentence

**Decoration ribbon cannot be chosen, it can be changed without notice

**1 Candle and a cutting knife are provided

**Pick up date and time can be changed only when you notice us 3 days in advance

Mango cake 6"