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■Pre-order for Cakes, Mochi roll, Tart, Drink are available now. ■Order needs to be made 3 days in advance. ■Other desserts can be purchased in-store. ■Opens 7 days : 10am - 6pm(Thurs ~9pm) ■Pyrmont pick up is available for whole cake Only >> Email us or DM on Instagram @hanlip_dessert for any inquiries. Thank you

♡♡Christmas cakes are available from 14th Dec. Macarons are coming at the weekend♡♡

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Mochi roll - Matcha


- Matcha fresh cream is rolled with matcha flavoured mochi sheet.

- The most less sweetest dessert in our shop but strong matcha flavour :)

- Mochi Roll (Cut in 6 pieces) - its name derived from the texture of sponge cake sheet and cream filling which is a lot like 'Mochi', chewy rice cake.

- Best way to keep fresh : Store in air-tight container in the freezer
- Recommended consume in 2 weeks
- If you eat straight out from the freezer, it tastes like a chewy icecream(Many people recommended) but if you like it softer, defrost 5~15mins at room temperature

- Mochi rolls only packed 6 pieces of the same flavours (No customise packing available) 

Mochi roll - Matcha